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Free Vision Limited is a full-fledge entertainment outfit that is poised to propagate, promote and advocate high-class entertainments. Established over a decade ago, Free Vision is committed to discovering and promoting talents across the scope of the country. This is to further enhance the performance of the organisation in the areas of entertainments.

What would life be like without entertainment? Could you manage without watching TV after a long day at the office? Without clearing your mind reading a good magazine, meeting your friends to see the Monday night Football match together, going to the movies for a double header once in a while, or even reading your favorite celebrity gossip and fails on the internet?

We all need our daily dose of entertainment so that our life will not be so boring! We need a celeb to idolize, an athlete to admire, and basically everything that is extraordinary to make our life more interesting.
Here at Free Vision Limited we realize that entertainment is a broad concept that embodies tons of different things that entertains us. We built our Entertainment Homepage, striving to provide you with the best entertainment services in each sector of our company.

Free Vision Limited is based in the Capital city of Ogun State, South-West Nigeria. And its activities is predicated on EVENT PACKAGING, RECORD LABEL, PROMOTION OF ARTIST etc.

Free Vision Limited work towards perfection...

Free Vision upcoming event (OGUN MISS CULTURE)


This is to further enhance the performance of the organisation in the areas of entertainments.

Culture has been explained to be the total of the learned behaviour of a group of people and are generally considered to be the tradition of that people and are transmitted from generation to generation.

Based on the foregoing, without mincing words, one would observe that the culture and norms of many parts if not all, of the country is seriously dwindling. Consequently, FREE VISION LIMITED took it upon herself to revitalize the cultural attitude and orientation of the people of Ogun State.


As part of efforts to earness and explore varieties of African Culture. Free vision crew had embarked one week tour to another two African Countries - ETHIOPIA AND TANZANIA.
According to the Company's CEO - Olusesi Ayorinde is part of preparation and build-up to the second edition of Ogun State Miss Culture to enable him secure another suitable location to be visited by the crown queen of the edition.

Part of ethnic groups visited in Ethiopia include Oromo, Amhara and Somali. People were there, rich musical heritage were enjoyed, people and monumental locations visited.